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Paint by numbers: must-know digits for kitchen reno success

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 30 May 2024

When it comes to planning a successful renovation, combining artistic flair with mathematical precision will help you achieve both form and function.

The world’s most insta-worthy kitchen isn’t that worthy at all if you don’t have enough bench space.

So if you’re planning a reno you might want to check out these tips from Houzz on where size matters when it comes to floorplans, cabinets and other must-know-measurements.

  • Safety first: Your rangehood should be 600 millimetres above an electric cooktop or 650 millimetres above a gas cooktop. But manufacturers are likely to advise 700 to 750 millimetres for best performance.
  • Benchtop height: Aim for 900 to 950 millimetres.
  • Kitchen island dimensions: Don’t go below 900 millimetres long and aim for 1200 millimetres long if your floorplan permits. Aim for 600 to 1200 millimetres deep.
  • Kitchen island bar stools: Allow 600 millimetres per person for width – or pad it out a little should you want some breathing space. Allow a benchtop overhang of 300 to 400 millimetres to avoid banging knees on the cabinetry.

While you’ve got your tape measure, it’s also worth remembering… a chunkier benchtop can give more luxe look than a thinner one.

And the trigonometry experts out there might be interested to explore the idea of the ‘triangle’ that should flow between your kitchen sink, cooktop and cupboards for ease of manoeuvrability within the space.

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