Brighter Selling

Sellers predicting Brissie prices will rise next year

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 7 November 2019

Brisbane’s sellers are feeling lucky with almost 70 per cent predicting property prices will rise in the next six months, according to a new survey.

This follows three years of optimism but the odds are narrowing, according to the OpenAgent survey reported on Domain.
In fact the proportion of sellers that expected prices to increase has shot up by 28 per cent on last quarter.
“Home sellers in Brisbane have been expecting prices to be on the rise for at least three years, however, we haven’t seen confidence levels this high since the beginning of last year,” said data analyst Carson Teh.
So when should you make your move? Well it depends.
“Upsizers, in particular, should look to upgrade now before the gap between your current home and next home widens even more,” said Teh.
“Whereas downsizers could do better off waiting for the market to improve.”
Of those sellers who weren’t expecting a price lift-off, 26 per cent said they expected prices to stay about the same.
But whichever crystal ball you choose to back, you can’t go too far wrong in a steady, reliable market like Brisbane.
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