Brighter Landlording

This northside Brissie burb that cash flow investors love

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 20 June 2024

Units in Stafford are offering attractive rents for investors who want to minimise out-of-pocket costs on their investment properties.

Yields are close to 6 per cent, reports The Courier-Mail.

For newbie investors, a yield helps you determine your holding costs. A high yield means less out-of-pocket costs. It’s calculated by adding up the total annual rent, less expenses and dividing by the value of the property.

Investors who want high cash flow will look for a high yield, whereas investors who are seeking long term capital growth might be prepared to pay some out-of-pocket costs to fund any rental shortfall.

Units can often have a higher yield than a standalone property because they’ll be cheaper to buy but rental prices may not be as significant as the difference in purchase prices.

Stafford is known for its good value unit buying, but its popularity means you can also nab a good renter.

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