Property Manager

Dylan Penny

About Me

Hi I'm Dylan!

I’m all about building a relationship with our clients and it’s my job to make sure everything runs smoothly for our landlords and tenants. No two days are the same or predictable in this role and I thrive on that buzz.
Basically I’m here to help in any way I can…. feel free to call me if you need an answer fast… I have kept 30 house plants alive and well in my apartment for some time now, so you could say I’m a pretty reliable!
I like to think I take charge of solving problems and keeping our wonderful clients happy… consider me your property management concierge. At the very least I’m pretty sure I’ll succeed in making you break out in a good laugh with a witty one liner, I’m a little quirky like that, just like my socks and I own around 80 pairs!
When I’m relaxing you’ll find me at the coast with my feet in the sand, riding a few waves, and I won’t pass up a cheeky Sunday sesh.

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Fast Facts about Me

MacGyver Instinct
Funky Socks I Own
(and counting...)
80 pairs
Making people laugh!