Sales Associate

Issy Armstrong

About Me

Hi, I’m Issy.

I’ve got truck loads of energy and multitasking ability… lucky as my checklist of activities includes a 3 year old, part time study, a toy poodle, gym seshes and indoor netball. And that’s just after hours!

As a Watt Sales Associate I look to harness that energy and passion to helping you on your property journey!  Looking for your next upsizer or downsizer or sidewazer?  I’m on the case with our property listings and matching them to your needs… most importantly getting you an ASAP inspection.

And if you’re a potential or current seller, give me a call and I’ll happily scour my memory or our extensive database for a suitable buyer…. yes even at night whilst on the treadmill or the netball court!

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Fast Facts about Me

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Fastest response time
6 sec
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