Assistant Property Manager

Jamais Bennett

About Me

Hello! I'm Jamais, your Property Manager extraordinaire at Watt Realty.

Customer service and client satisfaction are my jam, and I’m all about building rock-solid relationships!

With my can-do attitude and winning mentality, I make property management a breeze. Efficiency is my superpower, and I’ve got the speed to match!

Leasing, maintenance, bill juggling, and even rent payments — I handle it all with a smile that never fades!

Off the clock, I’m a supermum with two energetic boys who keep me on my toes. We’re a sports-crazed family—I’m either on the netball court or cheering my kids on from the sidelines. Soccer, footy, little athletics, motocross—you name it, we’re in it to win it!

When wanderlust strikes, I jet off to amazing destinations. My top three? Paris, France (ooh la la!), Venice, Italy (hello romance!), and Hawaii, USA (paradise, baby!). I’ve collected memories and passport stamps from all over the world.

Oh, did I mention I’m the queen of organization? My life is color-coded, labeled to perfection, and oh-so-coordinated. It’s my secret weapon to keeping things running smoothly.

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Fast Facts about Me

Customer Service Experience
(and counting)
20 yrs
Tenants matched
(this year)
Netball position