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Majenta Shepperson

About Me

Hi I’m Majenta, I’m the backbone of the sales team.

I’m a millennial, which means I’m attached to my phone and am down with AI. – both great attributes for working at Watt.
If you can’t reach an agent or property manager, I’m always here to answer questions or get the ball moving on whatever you need. I’m an admin superstar, who can multitask like no ones business. So don’t hold back if you need help.
Likewise, if you’ve found your dream home and would like to put in an offer or rent it out, you can chat paperwork with me.
When you don’t have time to faff around for answers, consider me your one stop shop.
When I’m not busy Snapchatting every aspect of my life or hashtagging everything, I’m committed to shopping and all things pink (seriously how could they not hire me here… my name is Majenta!).

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Fast Facts about Me

Pink purchases this week
Phone calls in one day