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Sonya Klease

About Me

Hi I'm Sonya, I’m here to make sure everything runs smoothly for our property managers.

I run my eagle inspectors’ eye over our rental properties and complete entry and exit reports….aka a mountain of detail every day!  I’m obviously good at it, as I’m also a flight attendant…just watch me reel off the flight safety checklist!
Speaking of flying, my role at Watt requires me to be in 10 places at once sometimes, but being a mum I handle that efficiently like a boss.  Property inspection? Check!  Exit report penned? Check! Fly back to Watt and upload photos? Check! Cup of tea anyone? Well, I do like to help!
I have bought and sold a lot of property myself so I know how a property should be maintained. But then again, perhaps I could always be persuaded to overlook that tiny scratch if you offer me a foot massage?!

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Fast Facts about Me

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