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Currently rented for $370 per week
Bed 3 Bath 1 Car 2

How Watt got the job done

My client Jemma lives in Newcastle and works as a truck driver in the mines. We’ve managed her investment property in Zillmere for over 7 years.

From the beginning, Jemma’s been all about having great tenants. She’s always been upfront in that she doesn’t want to keep her property forever. But in the meantime she wants solid returns and squeaky-clean tenants - so when it comes time to sell it’s still in great shape.
I recently secured her another 1 year fixed term lease with the same tenants who have lived in her home for over 3 years. I also secured her a 3% rent increase, in a market of 1.5%’s and against stiff competition from lots of newer, shiner and just as affordable homes.
Part of my strategy in retaining Jemma’s tenants for so long has been to provide great service and to make them feel valued. I also recently facilitated a meet-and-greet between Jemma and her tenants, on her last trip to Brisbane.
A little unorthodox, but it paid dividends.
Jemma got to personally thank her tenants and get their input on upgrades she was thinking of making to the property (they picked the colour for their new blinds!)/ While her tenants got to see her as a real person (and not just someone who puts the rent up… even though she did).

The house

Jemma's investment property in Zillmere.

At work

We focus on getting maximum returns - so one day Jemma has to do less of this.

At play

And so Jemma can do more of this - New York travels.

New blinds

Hand picked by Jemma's tenants. Happy tenants, happy rental returns.

The manager

I'm Jemma's Property Manager, Alex. Get in touch and see what I can do for you.

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