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Justin Watt CEO
Sold for $445,000
Bed 3 Bath 1 Car 2

How Watt got the job done

My client John owned his Zillmere investment property for 23 years. We’d managed it as a rental for a good portion of that time, but now it was time to sell.

Watt naturally fell to the top of the pile when shopping agents, given our long-term relationship.
John wanted a quick sale and settlement – and max sale price (don’t they all!). Looking to transition into the commercial market, he needed to free up funds. And quickly.
His property had an updated kitchen and bathroom but the rest of the house needed a cosmetic reno. Apart from that, there was potential plus for dual living. But given the location, I knew the most likely buyer would be an investor.
I wasted no time getting the property to market. Within days we’d had copy written, an ad out to our database and a feature in our newsletter.
We held off listing on as John was still finishing interior work.
Despite this, it was sold within 6 weeks. As predicted it was to an investor, this one in Sydney. He bought it sight unseen.
The final sale price, was just shy of list, but outstanding for the market and area. John was very happy with the result.

The house

John's investment property in Zillmere.

The kitchen

Nicely updated.

The rest

Plenty leftover for a buyer to make their own.

At play

Now that John's sale is done and dusted - he can focus on what he really loves to do.


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