How to select the best tenant

How we shortlist

Selecting a tenant for your property can be a daunting part of landlording. In most cases you’ll never meet the prospective tenant. Your Property Managers will.

Unashamedly, we don’t mind playing detective to make sure you get terrific tenants.

For every applicant we check:

  • Any red flags with the national tenancy database and the tenancy information of Australia.
  • Previous rental ledgers.
  • Employment and references.
  • Affordability (we look for a maximum 30% rent to income ratio).
  • The number of applicants is a match for the size of your home.

We also consider the proposed lease term as well as our own ‘gut feel’.

We share all applications and our detective work you.  Whilst we put forward recommendations, the final decision is always yours.

Below are some things you might like to consider when selecting from your applicant shortlist:

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Lease terms

What's the lease term the applicant is seeking? Does it fit with your plans for the home? Are you thinking of selling or moving back in? For new tenants we recommend an initial six-month lease to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

The market outlook

What's the market like? Would you like an option to increase the rent in six months?


Where do the applicants work? Is it within easy access? Will the commute become difficult?

Affordability ratio

Look for a maximum 30% rent to income ratio. You don't want you tenant living on baked beans!

Blips on the record

If they've had a blip on their record, they may still be a great option. Find out the details - it may have just been poor flatmate choice (we've all been there and had our own 'whoops' moment).

Tenant make-up

Don't be afraid of the share-house. Friends living together, if screened properly can make great tenants. Young couples can quickly become a young family during your lease term, so make sure there’s a little fat in the 'rent to income' ratio. Homes with younger children may see a little more wear and tear, but typically stay longer once kids are settled at schools.

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