Maintenance - it's not a dirty word


You knew it was part of the deal when you got into landlording... it's just annoying right.

But let’s face it, it can’t be avoided. And there’s super reasons for getting down and dirty with it. Let’s delve into some:

"If you were putting a house up for sale, you’d want it to be in the best possible condition to attract the highest price. Finding a good tenant is no different. Like attracts like."

– Justin Watt, CEO Watt Realty
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Better tenants

Tenants are becoming fussier and willing to pay more for a better property…. which includes well presented and maintained. Simple things like a quick paint between tenancies, doing some extra garden maintenance may just attract a better and longer staying tenant.

Tax breaks

We couldn’t talk maintenance without talking tax deductions. And there’s plenty to be had. You can claim immediate reductions on loans to finance renos or improvements. And you can certainly claim for repair and maintenance of your property. Eg, replacing part of a damaged fence.

Vacancy rates

Any landlord knows vacant periods = loss of income (and higher stress). A better maintained property will keep tenants longer. Latest research says that 33% of renters would have stayed longer in their last property if it were better maintained.


Legalities, schmalities? But to the uninitiated it can be a trap. The Residential Tenancy Agreement states that tenants are entitled to have a safe and habitable living environment. So you do need to jump on major problems.

Minimising issues

So we’ve chatted reasons to better maintain your property. Now lets float some tips to make the whole job easier.

Firstly, use your Property Manager! They’ll have a list of great, reliable and well-priced tradies and will happily arrange quotes (usually at least 2-3) and for the work to be completed. They’ll also send you photos once it’s done. Secondly, use your Property Manager! This time, for inspections. Regular inspections keep on top of things. Unaddressed issues can turn into major (and more expensive) ones. Thirdly, make the property easier to maintain. Gardens are a big culprit here. Instead of messy gardens and grass, go for pebbled areas and low maintenance plants.

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