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1 in 5 Aussies say they won’t buy a haunted house

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 30 October 2019

Australians might be renowned for our laid-back nature but it seems we get a bit wound up when it comes to ghosts and ghouls.

In fact 21 per cent of Australian buyers – roughly one in five – say they would be put off buying a house if it was rumoured to be haunted.
The freakish fact comes from a HSBC survey commissioned earlier this year to understand global property habits.
In Australia, the biggest buyer turn-off is definitely of earthly origins: 46 per cent of Aussies surveyed say difficult neighbours are the biggest deal breaker. This is also the top turn off for French and British buyers, reports
The study also found that Aussies spend 2.5 hours a week researching property, compared to just 1.08 hours at the gym. The most extreme spend more than 7 hours every week window shopping for homes. Now that’s a scary statistic!
But we are not the world’s worst offenders when it comes to our national property obsession.
In the United Arab Emirates, people spend 6.6 hours per week researching property, while Americans spend 4.95 hours.
The least concerned of the nations surveyed, are the French, who spend just 1.74 hours on property research. Looks like the laissez faire French are even more laid-back than us Aussies.
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