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Office Hours

Hello. The Landlording team (aka Property Management team) is here from 9am — 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you hit our office out of these hours you will be directed to our afterhours message service where you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you need emergency maintenance and you can not get in touch with us, please directly contact our emergency tradies listed below in the FAQ section.

The Letting Process

We have a quick, easy and painless letting process. We know searching for a rental can be stressful and once you’ve applied, either way, you just need to know. And quickly. From application to decision, we work to have an answer for you within 48 hours.


Once you’ve found the home you have to have, simply fill out our online Application Form. More than one person to go on the lease? Make sure you submit a separate application form for everyone.


Once you’ve completed an application, we’ll review all the info. We’ll verify your employment, current and past rental history. We’ll also look at affordability (we don’t want you eating baked beans every night) and that the number of people on your application is a match for the size of the home.


As much as we’d love to play decision maker to speed up the process, the final choice is the homeowners (after all it’s their home). Once you’ve got the green light we’ll get you to sign your tenancy agreement and pay your first two weeks rent (via money order or bank cheque). And then it’s all yours!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get the edge on my application?

We look for people that will care for our rental properties as if they are their own. If you have financial stability, demonstrated ability to pay rent and a great rental history, you’ll go straight to the top of the pile.

Don’t forget to include:
o Copies of identification to the value of 100 points – drivers licence, passport, ATM card, credit card and utility bills addressed to you at your current address (check the application form for full details of info required).

You’ll also need to provide:
o Current and previous addresses.
o Current and previous rental history.
o Current and previous employment history/pay slips.
o References and next of kin details.

What if I have a pet?

There’s space in our application form for details about your fur babies. To give them the best chance, download and complete our special Pet Application and Agreement. Landlords respond well to this form because they appreciate the up-front communication, and making the extra effort tells them a lot about your approach to tenancy.

How do I pick up my keys?

At the commencement of your lease you can pick up your keys from our office. We always keep a duplicate set of keys for emergency access and periodic inspections. Locks can only be changed with approval from your Property Manager.

How do I pay my rent?

Rent must be paid in advance (as per your tenancy agreement). There’s a number of different payment options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

What's the deal with the condition report?

In a nutshell, it’s super important. To ensure its validity for reference at the end of your lease agreement you need to have it back to us within three working days of picking up your keys.
It outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy. When you move in, make sure you mark down anything not already mentioned.
When you decide to move on, we’ll use it as a reference to confirm how wonderfully you’ve looked after your home. Occasionally we do pick up on some variations (fair wear and tear excluded) that we need reinstated. Keep the report in a safe place, so you’ve got it handy when the time comes.

When will I have my first periodic inspection?

Your home will be inspected periodically during your tenancy. We don’t wear a white glove, but we do like to do a quick check on the condition of the property and how fantastically you’re maintaining it.
We’ll always try to let you know at least seven days prior to entry (so there’s plenty of time for you to do a quick whip around). These inspections also give you the opportunity to let us know about out any repairs or maintenance needed.

What if I need some general maintenance?

Simply fill out our online Maintenance Request Form (top left of this page). We’re always quick to jump onto repairs. But just as a heads-up, we’ll generally need to obtain the landlord’s approval on quotes before we can lock in any contractors.

EMERGENCY? What do I do if I need emergency maintenance?

For emergency maintenance such as a blocked loo (oohh nasty), major leaks/floods, gas leaks or power outages (lucky for mobiles ey!) please contact us immediately on 07 3263 9555. If you’re unable to reach us please get in touch with one of our emergency preferred tradies below.

Emergency Trade Contacts:
o Electricity, Natural & LPG Gas – Energex 13 62 62 (All Areas)
o Telephone -Telstra (Faults) 13 22 03
o Natural Disasters – SES 13 25 00
o Plumbing – Primate Plumbing 0439 784 601
o Electrical – Silvios Electrical 07 3353 3288
o General handyman – Quik-Fix Property Maintenance 0407 181 965
o Locksmith – Tom McCartney 0408 982 926
o Glass repairs – OBrien’s Glass 1800 633 721

Please then log the maintenance via your tenants portal.

How do I terminate my tenancy agreement?

Once your fixed term has expired, you can renew your lease or move on. If you intend to vacate, you’re required to give 14 days written notice (email is fine) prior to the expiry of your agreement.
We hate to get all legal, but unfortunately you can’t by law stop paying rent for the last month assuming any part of the bond as rent. If during your tenancy, for some unforeseen reason, you have to vacate the property prior to the lease expiring, please contact your Property Manager immediately to chat through your options.

How do I return my keys?

All keys need to be returned to our office. Once we’ve received your keys we can make everything official (and stop charging you rent).

When do you do the final inspection?

Final inspections are done once you’ve vacated, usually within the week. We check the entire property against the condition report completed at the start of your tenancy. This ensures we can pick up on anything that’s changed as a result of your occupancy, allowing for normal wear and tear. Your bond will be refunded after vacation, less any deductions as agreed (if applicable). Or worst case, as directed by the tribunal (but we always hate to go down that path).

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