Real Estate, without the B.S.
We create experiences that redefine expectations, add serious value and make real estate feel less realestatey. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting a simple unit from us, or we’re selling your million-dollar home – we give everyone the same love, enthusiasm and stand-out service.

Our Story

Our vision was to create a business that was refreshingly different.

A business that made selling, buying, renting and landlording an experience worth talking about. Watt Realty started before it was cool for young people to etch out a career in real estate. We were a team of two, who believed in working your ass off and never giving up. It was hard work and lots of it. The phone rang and we answered. 400 thousand calls, 10 thousand clients and 10 years later, we’re still answering. Albeit with many more Watt-lings. Service that wows is our non-compromising obligation. We strive to share knowledge, change lives and side-step markets.

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Our Culture

We’ve devised a mini-manifesto, dubbed ‘Watt’s Laws’. These aren’t hard and fast rules, they guide us in our approach to what we do.

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Watt’s Law #1

Absolutely no B.S. Ever.

Watt’s Law #2

Laugh loud and often.

Watt’s Law #3

There’s always more in the tank.

Watt’s Law #4

Ditch the tie.

Watt’s Law #5

Add value.

Watt’s Law #6

Be invested.

Watt’s Law #7

Take chances.

Watt’s Law #8

Gravitate to people that inspire & challenge.

Watt’s Law #9

Keep your Sundays.

Watt’s Law #10

Real estate with a pinch of salt… a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila.