Operations Manager

Cathy Miller

About Me

I'm the one responsible for keeping our business running smoothly and our team firing on all cylinders.

I do some serious multi-tasking, strike the balance between being firm and fair, and give the occasional time-out.

I’ve been in the real estate game for over 20 years, mastering almost every role along the way. I have a near fanatical zeal that helps the team bring-it each and every day.

My true passion and superpower is connecting with people. I can chat with just about anyone, and I love bringing people together and making them smile.

On the home front, I love playing Master Chef in my dream kitchen in my new house. You’ll also find me at the gym daily, my favourite session is cardio – I just can’t resist a good workout. And I’m a total music buff, so catching live concerts is my idea of a fantastic time.

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Fast Facts about Me

Super happy clients
As at June 2023
Appraisals booked
This month
Plates I can spin at the same time
(at least)