Operations Manager

Cathy Miller

About Me

My job is to set the bar really high for customer service and make sure the team here jumps over it.

To make sure your experience as a client is something to talk about.
As Operations manager I have to do some serious multi-tasking, be firm but fair and give the odd time out.
I’ve been in real estate for over 14 years. I have a near fanatical zeal that helps the team bring-it each and every day.
My near superhuman organisational skills also allow me to oversee Justin’s PA tasks. Connecting with people comes naturally to me. I’m a people person. A smiley type. Which means I fit in perfectly with all the freaky happy people here!
On the home front, I love playing MasterChef (I have a hungry hubby and twin girls) and glamping in my ‘gypsy’ style camper on weekends. I also like to bust out the odd Elaine dance from Sienfeld every now and then (look at my profile pic… were we not separated at birth?).

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Fast Facts about Me

Super happy clients
As at Nov 2020
Appraisals booked
This month
Plates I can spin at the same time
(at least)