Why sell with Watt?

We have a deep understanding of how people shop real estate. We know what they respond to, what gets them excited and what's going to make them pay more for their next home.

We also never make a buyer wait. For anything. We know that every moment in a buyers’s decision journey matters. That’s why we empower all of our staff (from our receptionists to our CEO) to have 99% of the answers for every property we sell. Why? Well-serviced buyers make snappier decisions, they feel more positive about the homes they step foot in and they don’t mind paying that bit extra when it comes time to put pen to paper.


Luke, Aspley

"Very transparent, upfront and direct."

Rachel, Virginia

"After he sold our first place, there was no hesitation to get him to sell our second one. "

Paul, Zillmere

"With Richard, you get someone who is , for me, quite unique in terms of real estate agents."

Mary & Ray, Taigum

"He came across as such a trusting and experienced, and honest individual that we had no fears and no options about going with anybody else..."

Paul & Shevonne, Aspley

"With Dan, it was all about how he could go the extra mile to help us, instead of feeling like we were just another sale in his books."

Kellie, Mitchelton

"If he says he's going to do something, he does do it."
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