Land Selling Guide

Selling land

So you’re selling land - open homes are not your worry. Whoo-hoo!

Whilst you don’t need to fluff any cushions, there are a few things to consider if you’d like max dollars on your contract.

First and foremost, presentation is everything. Buyers love a good-looking block. It doesn’t have to be a rolling green field, but it does need to look like where you’d like to live. Buyer’s also love a bit of pre-prep on a land sale (think soil tests, contour and services plans – if you don’t have them we can help you). It all adds to the ‘this is meant to be’ feeling.

Below are a few more simple suggestions to help buyers fall in love with your block.

'While you're on the market, keen buyers will return and view your block multiple times, so it's important to be keep it well presented. Buyers love to be able to easily imagine what their new home could look like.'

– Justin Watt, CEO Watt Realty
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Make boundaries easily identifiable.

Most people can’t visualise property boundaries from a legal description or a plan. Use corner survey/marker pegs and consider erecting a temporary or low-cost fence (if needed).

Some buyers find it hard to see past a messy block.

As best as you can, clear your block of grass clippings, rubbish or rusty fences. If you're not into mowing, engaging a lawn moving service to regularly maintain the block is a great move (we can help you organise it).

Got view potential? Aerial photography's for you.

Aerial photography is great to show off fantastic views, proposed development sites and acreage. It illustrates in seconds important factors like proximity to amenities, schools, major transport, and the general feel of an area.

Want that something special? Go the drone.

Premium properties that boast large blocks or million dollar views can also be appreciated in more dimensions using drones. They show off a property from never seen before angles, capture the full picture and add to buyer engagement.

Consider marketing as a 'house and land' package.

Marketing your block as a 'home' opens your sale up to a secondary buyer group. Putting some visuals to 'the dream' can have buyers previously not shopping land, shopping land. What's involved? House plans and a build estimate - and we can help with both.

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