Open Home Guide

Your first open

So it's your first open. It's natural to feel a combination of nerves, adrenaline and maybe even nauseousness!

Open home inspections are like a first date. You only get one chance to impress. Transform your pre-open-home-jitters into tummy-tickling butterflies of excitement and joy with these simple tips.

'Buyers decide if they'll buy your home within the first eight seconds of walking through the door. So it pays to make sure they're feeling-it from the get-go.'

– Justin Watt, CEO Watt Realty
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Clean like a boss.

Yes, it’s Captain Obvious, but you’d be surprised. Make sure your whole property is neat and tidy when buyers arrive, including the garden and outside areas. Dust, vacuum, scrub, wash, buff like it's no-ones business. Buyers look everywhere.

Bring in light and air.

Open up a few windows prior to your open to keep air flowing. Draw back curtains and blinds to bring in as much as light as possible and to show off your house from the street.

Pretend you're pet-free.

If a buyer gets a whiff of an inside furry friend it can turn them off faster than you can say 'it's not a home without fur-kids'. Try to get rid of any smells and any inside evidence of your pets. It’s also best to have them absent or contained during your opens.

Paperwork ready.

Have any relevant paperwork (renovation history, pest documentation, approvals for further development) ready and available serious parties. The less buyers have to ask, they more at ease they’ll feel in the property and the more time they’ll be able to spend imagining themselves in it.

Make yourself scarce.

While your house is getting the once over, it’s best to leave buyers to explore their potential new home on their own.

What if my home is rented?

Learning that you want to sell can be upsetting for tenants. We find selling a tenanted property is a smooth process if we work with your tenants and keep the lines of communication open.

Whilst it’s difficult to replicate the same standard of presentation you would display if you were living in your home. We encourage tenants to support you in your decision to sell by keeping the property clean and tidy.

In turn we offer them flexibility for inspection times and assistance should they need to find a new home after sale.

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