Customer Service Manager

Brooke Daglish

About Me

Hi I’m Brooke, my job here is to deliver supremo service.

With a background in hospitality it’s not surprising that I’m a boss at customer service. I’ve been told my super power is striking up a conversation with anyone… give me a try!

I’ve just bought my first house, so I know the path to a successful purchase is all about the right team, the right service and of course the right house.

If you can’t reach an agent, I’m always here to answer questions or get the ball moving on whatever you need. So don’t hold back if you need help. When you don’t have time to faff around for answers, consider me your one stop shop.

If I’m not chatting up a storm at the Watt reception desk, you may find me up at Noosa catching some waves or sunbaking…there’s gotta be some downtime from all that multitasking!

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Fast Facts about Me

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