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I started my career at just 21. I've now been in the game for over 19 years.

Along the way I’ve worked for a number of different franchises. But nothing beats the thrill of building your own brand!
In 2005, Watt Realty launched into the market in a burst of hot pink! Over decade later we’re a force to be reckoned with.
I’m also stoked for my business to be recognised nationally as finalist in the Real Estate Business Awards three years running.
As a selling CEO, my experience spans multiple property cycles. I’ve navigated every type of market and every conceivable contract situation. Everyday I get to work with great clients and for me that’s what it’s all about.
As an independent agency we don’t have boards and franchisee groups to please. Just our sellers, buyers, landlords and everyone in between.
I’m unashamedly proud of my brand, my team and our achievements as an office.

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My Weekly Wrap

We launched our first Careers Info Night!

"I'm super pumped about this. It's something I've wanted to do for a LONG time. This event is for anyone who's ever thought about getting into real estate. Wed 21 August 2019 6:30 pm @ Watso, Chermside. Come along!"

Richie took the lead on the market update!

"I think he's stolen my thunder #challengeaccepted! So what's happening in the market? Buyers are very active - but still all eyes are on listings. Lots of chat about further rate cuts - but will the banks pass them on. "

I went LIVE on First Home Buyers

"I'm so passionate about this segment. Your first property purchase IS absolutely the MOST important. Getting your first purchase right can set you up for life but getting it wrong can be devastating."

What a month it's been... July 2019!

"The July monthly VLOG dropped this week! Loving these! Catch up on everything that happened behind the scenes at Watt last month. From speaking events, to staff drinks to contracts and listings. It was epic."

The WATT weekly wrap dropped.

"And just like that we're in August! A not-so-serious bite-size look back at the week that was. If one things for sure we know how to laugh at ourselves and have FUN. Can't believe I get to work with these incredible people everyday! "

Fast Facts about Me

Years in Real Estate
2018 Real Estate Business Awards
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Times called Jason per day