Sales Associate to Justin Watt

Libby Cruice

About Me

Hi, I’m Libby.

As a Watt Sales Associate, my gig is all about making sure clients feel the love and throughout the property journey!

Looking for your next upsizer or downsizer or sidewazer?  I’m on the case with our property listings and matching them to your needs… most importantly getting you an ASAP inspection.

I’ve been realestating for the best part of 20 years’ and I’ve pretty much seen it all… This all-around experience has armed me with a deep understanding of the real estate world, which I bring to every client interaction.

I’m all about strong communication, understanding our market inside and out, and making sure every client feels like our only client.

Outside of work I’m at home with my big, busy family, setting off on beach trips, catching up with friends, or diving into the latest true crime novel… I never miss a clue!

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