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#20 Cities where $1 million buys wildly different fortunes

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 4 April 2019

If you thought the rich listers in Brissie were forking out phenomenal amounts for luxury housing, spare a thought for the poor little rich kids of Monaco which tops the world for pricey prestige property.

$US1 million buys just 16 square metres of luxury home in Monaco… that’s about the size of a generous Brissie bedroom.
In second placed Hong Kong you’ll get 22 square metres, while in third ranked New York you’ll get 31 square metres – still less than the size of the average one-bed Aussie apartment.
The stats are from the Knight Frank Wealth Report for 2019 which calculates how much US$1 million will buy in cities known for their prime real estate, reports
That’s about $1.4 million in Aussie dollars. Several Australian cities cracked the list, including our three major capitals.
In Sydney you’ll get 52 square metres, in Melbourne almost double that at 97 square metres and in Brisbane you’ll get pretty much a whole house at 123 square metres.
Check out the list of how many square metres you can buy for $US1 million:

  1. Monaco, 16 sq m
  2. Hong Kong, 22
  3. New York, 31
  4. London, 31
  5. Singapore, 36
  6. Los Angeles, 39
  7. Geneva, 41
  8. Paris, 46
  9. Sydney, 52
  10. Shanghai, 57
  11. Beijing, 67
  12. Tokyo, 67
  13. Berlin, 73
  14. Miami, 93
  15. Melbourne, 97
  16. Mumbai, 100
  17. Istanbul, 109
  18. Perth, 116
  19. Brisbane, 123
  20. Gold Coast, 136

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