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#20 School catchments with an A+ for capital growth

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 11 November 2021

Choosing a school for your young scholar can be an agonising decision. Families want their little people to be happy and successful in the big world.

The right school can play a key role in your child’s future – and it can also give a boost to your hip pocket.

Domain has released its annual School Zones Report, highlighting the capital growth in catchment areas for school zones across the country.

In Brisbane house prices have risen across most school catchments analysed, up in 92 per cent of primary and all secondary schools. This aligns with the rising property market and increased popularity from interstate movers, Domain reports.

Interestingly price growth wasn’t limited to elite schools, showing families place high value on education regardless of the household budget.

“While the top school catchments were dotted across Greater Brisbane suburbs and a variety of different price points, affordable outer locations dominated the list,” Domain reports.

This growth pattern is evident in north Brissie’s middle to outer ring suburbs. Sandgate State School made the top #10 with a whopping 29.9 per cent growth in its catchment area. Closer in, suburbs in the Zillmere State School catchment jumped 22.2 per cent and Taigum State School jumped 26 per cent. Gold stars all round!

The savvy scholars at Domain have created a number crunching machine comparing median house prices in the 12 months to July 2021 with the same period the previous year. You can search for your school catchment zone in their 2021 School Zones Report.

Check out the top #10 catchment areas for median house price growth:

Primary schools

  1. West End State School, $1,325,000, +41.7%
  2. Kimberley Park State School, $620,000, +38.2%,
  3. Shailer Park State School, $624,500, +35.0%,
  4. Cleveland State School, $735,000, +34.4%,
  5. Camira State School, $392,000, +34.2%,
  6. Chatswood Hills State School, $467,750, +33.3%,
  7. Warrigal Road State School, $666,500, +31.9%,
  8. Oakleigh State School, $1,117,500, +31.5%,
  9. Ashgrove State School, $1,200,000, +30.4%,
  10. Sandgate State School, $672,000, +29.9%,

Secondary schools

  1. Flagstone State Community College, $512,900, +31.5%
  2. Springfield Central State High School, $494,900, +30.2%,
  3. Marsden State High School, $425,000, +28.8%,
  4. Brisbane State High School, $1,170,000, +28.2%,
  5. Bellbird Park State Secondary College, $331,500, +23.9%,
  6. Murrumba State Secondary College, $491,000, +22.3%,
  7. Kenmore State High School, $850,000, +21.4%,
  8. Morayfield State High School, $420,000, +20.9%,
  9. Tullawong State High School, $427,500, +20.8%,
  10. Bremer State High School, $385,000, +20.3%,

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