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#3 Ways to test if your suburb is making you sick or healthy

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 June 2022

Choosing where to live is often the biggest decision you’ll make and it’s not easy juggling lifestyle and budget factors.

But what about health factors?

New research shows that where we live can make us sick, reports

Suburbs without good bike paths and walkways and a smorgasbord of fast food conveniences are going to be worse for your health than ones designed around outdoor activity.

A good way to test your neighbourhood is to apply the 15-minute rule, says Susan Thompson, Professor of Planning at UNSW’s School of Built Environment.

“It’s the 15-minute city concept, where everybody should have access to the services they need within a 15-minute walk or cycle of their home.”

Another test we’ve reported on before is the Walk Score. The higher the score the less chance you’ll need to rely on your car. For those seeking an active lifestyle it’s a handy way to test potential new addresses from your computer. (Anyone detect a hint of irony here?).

If you want to make your next move a good one for your health, consider these questions.

  1. Is your suburb designed for cars or is it easy to cycle or walk around?
  2. Does your suburb have more fast food outlets than fresh food markets and grocery stores?
  3. Does your neighbourhood have parklands and green spaces or air polluting industries?
  4. Is it safe and does it promote social connection and interaction?

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