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#4 Colours that will trend in 2021

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 March 2021

After a wild ride in 2020, we've had the chance to hit the reset button and welcome a fresh outlook.

The first-ever CB2 Next in Design report, shows change is on the horizon with two thirds of designers predicting calming neutrals will be swapped for mineral-inspired shades.

The #4 standout hues expected to trend in 2021 are Mercury, Olivine, Ochre and Clay.

Here’s how to style them:

  1. Mercury

Mix Mercury with soft colours and neutrals for a classic look, or bright colours such as pinks and oranges for a modern look. It’s also the perfect colour to combine with white if you’re after a refreshing coastal vibe. Otherwise, if relaxed French-country is what you’re after, then combine it with soft yellows.

  1. Olivine

Greener than Khaki and earthier than Emerald, Olive feels cosy in winter and lively in summer. It can be paired together with a range of colours, from pastel pinks to browns, burnt orange hues and neutrals. Try jazzing it up with luxurious velvet furniture and brass accents or mellowing it with organic wooden pieces.

  1. Ochre

Ochre falls between a golden yellow and light brown, reflecting the colours of the earth. To instantly add vitality into a room with minimal effort, add touches of Ochre through small details via cushions or vases.

  1. Clay

Clay is the perfect alternative to beige and brown as it’s able to add a touch of casual elegance to any room. It’s a surprisingly versatile tone that can be added in homes with a coastal, retro, boho or even minimal style.

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