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#4 Tall poppy trends to mow down from Chelsea

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 19 June 2019

While Brisbane lawn mowers have begun their winter hibernation, our green-thumbed counterparts in the northern hemisphere are enjoying their short-lived summer, and with that comes the renowned Chelsea Flower Show.

This year, Houzz has served up a delightful flourish of pics and tips from the prestigious gardening event.
We think the standout trends would be just as happy in any Brisbane backyard as they would be at Buckingham Palace. See for yourself:

  1. Got weeds? You’re on trend. ‘Naturalistic’ hedging, lawns dotted with ‘buttercups’ and long grass spilling on to paving are no longer signs of a lazy gardener. Wild planting is the haute couture of the 2019 backyard darling.
  2. Kids’ toys strewn around the backyard? Full points to you my friend. Gardens ‘designed with youngsters in mind’ are the secret to introducing your little cherub to hipster habits like foraging and growing your own food.
  3. Don’t worry if you can see weeds sprouting from your gutters. Let them take over your whole roof and you’ll be bang on trend again. ‘Green roofs’ are the savvy gardener’s tip to make sure you access every inch of planting space.
  4. Is the pumpkin vine concealing a pile of rubbish along the back fence? Get your green-thumb to Chelsea now and claim your prize. ‘Using gardens to regenerate landscapes’ is the new black when it comes to ‘artisan gardens’. We’re not sure what that means either. Perhaps quarries lined with daffodils.

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