Brighter Buying

#5 Must-have features buyers want

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 8 February 2018

Wondering if your home will appeal to prospective buyers? If you’re thinking of selling the best thing to do is contact local agents and ask them to give you an honest appraisal of the pros and cons that buyers are likely to see in your property.

But there are some general rules of thumb that will make sure your property appeals to the widest market possible.

Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and you’ll probably agree, these features are likely to impress:

  • Amenity: convenience is what we all crave in today’s busy world so if you can boast ‘walking distance’ to shops, schools, cafes and public transport then you put yourself in the sales fast lane. One caveat applies: you don’t want to be so close that noise is a problem.
  • An outdoor area: this is Australia and we love a BBQ, be it in a sprawling backyard or a townhouse courtyard.
  • Modern appliances: updated appliances can shave years off an older kitchen and in Brisbane air conditioning can be a real plus when selling.
  • Neutral décor: don’t be beige, but don’t go technicolour either when it comes to styling your house for sale. Stay stylish but depersonalise your décor so buyers can see themselves – not you – living in the home.
  • Car parking on the title: this can be a deal breaker for inner city and near-city pads where on street parking is scarce.

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Needs to be within walking distance of cafe's, shops etc...

An outdoor area

Must have a great outdoor space.

Modern appliances

Appliances can add lots of value to a kitchen.

Neutral décor

Stay stylish but depersonalise your décor.

Car parking

This can be a deal breaker for inner city.