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#5 Must-have home features tipped to trend post COVID

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 21 August 2020

Lockdown might seem endless for our Victorian friends, but here in Queensland it’s a little easier to believe that there’ll come a time when restrictions are no longer needed.

How will our experience of a pandemic change the way people want to live?

A lot of speculators have forecast a tree-change or sea-change spike, as people switch to remote working.

And what about our homes? Property Update’s Michael Yardney has shared his thoughts on where buyers will turn their attention post COVID. We’re not sure they’re all come to fruition. In fact some of these features would come with a price tag almost as scary as the pandemic itself!

Take the home office, for example. Like many commentators he’s tipping demand will spike for a separate room, but it doesn’t stop there.

“Buyers will … be seeking a fully equipped, sound-insulated separate home office with large windows, blackout curtains and all the required tech such as plenty of power points a strong NBN connection and an area for a Zoom green screen,” he writes.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Check out the other features tipped to trend in a post COVID world:

  • Room for a home gym for personal workouts
  • A rumpus room for online dance and karate classes for the kiddies
  • Outdoor space for family time and fresh air
  • Natural light – lots of it – especially in your office
  • A spare room for visiting family

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