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#5 Shagadelic spy homes – including one here in Brisbane!

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 19 May 2017

The movie world is celebrating 20 years since Austin Powers burst on to our screens and into our vernacular – groovy baby!

So we thought we’d jump on board with this showcase of totally shagadelic homes fit for James Bond or Powers himself.

  1. Mike Myers’ New York nest

Where does the shagadelic super spy live? Myers bought a so-called paparazzi-proof Tribeca condo in New York earlier this year. Complete with private lift access and a swimming pool within the building, it’s no surprise it cost him a reported US $14.65 million.

  1. Sean Connery’s Bahamas breakaway

The Bahamas have been the set for many a Bond movie and that tropical sun has lured staunch Scotsman and former 007 Sean Connery to set up residence in a lavish neighbourhood on New Providence Island.

  1. Daniel Craig’s London garden

He might be the reigning 007 but he can’t escape those pesky neighbourhood disputes we mere mortals deal with too. Daniel Craig’s London neighbours have earlier this year complained an oak tree in his garden is damaging their house.

  1. Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu mansion

A couple of years ago a fire caused substantial damage to the US$18.5 million Malibu mansion of former Bond-actor Pierce Brosnan. No, it wasn’t lit by an evil Bond villain – just a faulty appliance in the garage reported the Daily Mail.

  1. Brisbane’s Bond-style mansion

Want to live the life of a super spy? You can buy your own James Bond style home at Fig Tree Pocket. Hidden behind a huge timber bookshelf is a secret room with a bar, perfect for making that shaken-not-stirred martini.

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Rendering of the exterior of 443 Greenwich

Mike Myers new Manhattan pad is being hailed as “paparazzi-proof.

Sean Connery's Bond Lifestyle

Sean Connery has taken up residence in a sunnier (& more tax-friendly) place.

Tree anger

Neighbour claims the tree in Daniel Craig's garden is damaging his property.

$18.5 million Malibu mansion of Pierce Brosnan

The fire caused over $1million in damages!

Brisbane’s Bond-style mansion

Somewhere in the plush library is a concealed door …

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