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#5 signs a market has peaked

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 26 November 2015

Want to make millions from property? It’s easy – just buy at the bottom of the property market cycle and sell at the top.

While that advice may be true, implementing this rule is another matter altogether. Picking the stage of a market can sometimes feel akin to reading a crystal ball.

Should you sell now, or if you hold off a few months could you sell for more? Just how do you know when a market is at the top of the cycle?

We take a look at the indicators CoreLogic RPData used to predict the recent peak in the Sydney market to give you some insights on how to pick your own peaks.

Local knowledge is also an invaluable tool to know what’s happening in your market. Contact us for a chat.

#5 signs a market is at the peak:


Auction results are consistently declining


New listings are rising


Investment demand is dwindling


Rents are flattening because paying a landlord is cheaper than paying a mortgage


Increasing supply is forecast

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