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#5 Spring time reno ideas to grow your home value

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 25 August 2022

The mornings are still fresh but the Brissie days are warming up making it a great time to get active around the house and garden.

But how should you invest your spring time reno mojo to get maximum bang for buck?

Here are a few ideas to focus your renovation inspiration, regardless of your budget.

  1. Spruce up the front door: First impressions are lasting. Add a splash of on-trend colour or feature lighting to breathe new life into your front door and turbo charge your curb appeal.
  2. Paint tired rooms: A new lick of paint can take years off a tired interior and it’s a DIY job – for most people! Grab a Bunnings magazine or check out the Dulux 2022 colour trends for inspo.
  3. Pimp your taps: Can’t afford to replace your bathroom? Updating taps and showerheads can transport your wet rooms into something truly throne-worthy.
  4. Splash out on a splash back: Who doesn’t love a kitchen reno? But if you have a beer budget and champagne tastes, do a micro-reno with a new splashback. Check out tiles, glass or even peel-and-stick options to transform the room.
  5. Get out in the garden: It’s one of the cheapest renos you can do, but pruning, weeding and mowing can add instant street appeal to your home. Repaint tired fences and mulch garden beds to complete the look … then sit back and relax with a fresh spring time beverage.

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