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#5 Tips to add Grand Designs value on a K Mart budget

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 15 April 2021

After spending more time at home than ever before over the past year, Aussies are even more obsessed with pimping their homes to become castles.

A full blown reno can be pricey. But why spend a Grand Designs budget when a few K Mart priced hacks can add renewed sparkle and life to your home.

Here are #5 tips to get a big bang for your reno buck.

  1. Let there be light. A fresh coat of white or light paint can give even the dreariest of rooms an instant lift. A tin of paint doesn’t cost much, but make sure you invest your time in prepping the walls first for a smooth, clean finish.
  2. Freshen up old tiles. Tile paint can be a great way to rid your bathroom of that brown 70s mosaic and turn it into a 2021 stunner – without a bucket of grout in sight.
  3. Vinyl is so old it’s new again. Laminate and vinyl flooring will save you big bucks compared to timber or tiles, and these days these faux materials look downright fancy. You can even try DIY options.
  4. Grab the Gerni. It’s amazing what a high pressure hose can do to revitalise dirty driveways, pavers or pathways. Give your outdoor surfaces a quick blast to shave years off your home and boost the curb appeal.
  5. Go green and get dirty. A tidy garden is a sure fire way to make your yard look and feel bigger. You don’t need a green thumb to add instant appeal – just get the weeds out, tidy the edges and prune old or overgrown shrubs and trees.

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