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#5 Tips to boot adult kids from the nest

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 19 November 2015

Has another year passed with your adult child failing to spread their wings and fly from the family nest?

Or perhaps your fully grown cherub has now completed studies but is yet to motivate themselves towards an income-earning, independent life, away from mum and dad.

Worse yet – your little angel did make a break for it and moved back, perhaps with the worthy goal of saving for a house deposit. But you notice that more cash goes to the pub than the bank account.

Never fear, offers these #5 tips on what to do when the kids won’t leave home.

  1. Give them a deadline and a weekly savings plan to ensure they achieve their financial target
  2. Help them move by accompanying them to house inspections and rolling up the sleeves on moving day
  3. Be honest with your kids about your finances and tell them if you need to downsize and can’t afford to keep a roof over their income-earning head anymore
  4. Treat them like a tenant by ensuring they do their own housework and pay their share of bills and food costs
  5. Make their room unavailable by renting it out to travellers or hosting house guests

And if you’ve tried all of the above and your fully grown darling still won’t move out, you can always sell up, move to your dream downsizer and leave your adult kiddies to find their own pad.

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