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#5 Tips to rein in rising reno costs

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 29 September 2022

2022 will go down in history as the year we hit new price highs for petrol, mortgage repayments and lettuce.

Sadly, for those with renovation dreams, we’ve also hit some costly new highs for building materials.

That once healthy reno budget will now get you half – or less – of what you dreamed.

So how can you make your reno budget go further in a pricey new world?

Here are #5 tips from Australian Property Investor.

  1. Plan first, build second. Be prepared to spend just as much time on your budget spreadsheet as you do window shopping at the Homemaker Centre.
  2. Contract for fixed prices wherever possible. Ask about fixed prices when you’re getting quotes from designers or other professionals.
  3. Research cheaper materials. Who gives a faux if your benchtop is laminate or stone? Cheaper alternatives can look pretty good these days and can seriously reduce budget pressure.
  4. Talk with your designers about what your priorities are. If you can’t afford everything, what tops the list?
  5. Source and order materials early. It means you can lock in prices and you won’t face costly hold ups. Try to negotiate future delivery dates if you can’t store materials on site.

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