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#5 Wacky inclusions that sell homes: cars, Hemsworths and more

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 21 May 2020

Want a new home? Sure thing. And would you like a Lexus with that?

How about a sports star, or a Hemsworth? Check and check.
These are just some of the wacky ways local sellers are grabbing buyers’ attention during these COVID times.
The irony is, the lack of new stock on the market means you don’t need to compete for buyer interest. Serious buyers are squabbling like seagulls over a chip when a new home hits the market. We’re seeing well-priced homes sell in a couple of weeks.
Still, some vendors are throwing in everything plus the kitchen sink, to snag a deal. Check out these #5 luxe inclusions in market this week.

  1. A luxury Lexus. Yep, buy a fancy home in Kedron and get a fancy car to match. Always helps if you’re mates with a car dealer.
  2. A cricket lesson with a local sports hero. It’s not a sure thing, but has hinted that Brisbane Heat star Chris Lynn might throw in a backyard cricket lesson to whoever buys the fancy Kedron project he’s completed with a mate.
  3. An indoor skate bowl. You read it right. We’re not talking a backyard ramp. Sellers in Hamilton are offloading a huge family home with a crazy big skate bowl in the living room. The only problem we see is the inevitable fight when the skateboard clatter drowns out the TV.
  4. An indoor basketball court. Who are we to judge? If you can put a skate bowl in your living room you can whack a basketball court next to your games room, and that’s exactly what a Reedy Creek family are selling.
  5. A Hemsworth. Yep, we’re talking Thor. Of course you don’t get to buy him as such – let’s face it, you’d need a small fortune. But you can be neighbours if you buy a Tallow Beach home next to one owned by Chris Hemsworth.

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