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#5 Ways to ‘winterise’ a breezy Brissie home

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 8 June 2023

Ventilation, insulation and open plan renovations are all popular ways to turn our homes into breeze friendly buildings fit for the Brisbane summer.

But we forget, living in the equivalent of a wooden tent can be quite chilly for those few months of the year when the temperature can drop to single digits overnight.

Never fear. Houzz has the answers for how to turn our summery abodes into winter enclaves.

We’ve borrowed some inspiration from them to come up with these 5 ways to give your home a touch of warmth now that winter has officially arrived.

  1. Add a snuggly rug. A plush or shag pile rug, in a rich, deep tone, or a warm cream, will turn your timber floors and stone tiles into a foot-warming-experience. If you shop at Bunnings or K Mart you’ll get change out of $100 too.
  2. Dial up the texture. Go nuts like Shaynna Blaze in a cushion store and pile your couch high with comfy cushions and soft throws.
  3. Hang curtains. Lightweight sheer curtains or blinds just don’t keep the heat in. Go for a heavy hanging curtain to make sure the winter chill doesn’t creep in through your windows.
  4. Create a cosy corner. A rainy winter morning can be so much more enjoyable if you’re snuggled up in a cosy armchair with a warm cuppa. Keep a warm throw on hand and make sure you’ve got a soft rug under foot.
  5. Create the illusion of warmth. Rich, natural colours like earthy greens and rust can create a sense of warmth and provide a dramatic contrast to the cool, crisp white tones that help us cope with our muggy, subtropical summers.

Looking for a new home to hibernate in this winter? View our current listings for sale or check our listings for rent.