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#6 Tips to cash in on renovation ready Queensland market

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 March 2018

Bargain houses and cheap tradies are expected to fuel a reno boom in Queensland over the coming years with the state tipped to enjoy some of Australia’s strongest renovation activity.

A whopping $1.468 billion in alterations and additions in Queensland are forecast for the 2018-2019 financial year with that figure peaking at $1.618 billion in 2020.

The surge comes off the back of a drop in renovation activity last financial year, according to Master Builder’s Australia data published in

This is great news for tradies. It’s also great news for renovators if they play their cards right.

Renovation guru Cherie Barber warned new players could be easily fooled by the glitz and glamour or before and after designs on renovation TV shows.

“They watch the TV shows and they get bamboozled by the before and after designs, and that’s not what renovating or profit is all about,” Cherie told “It’s a very disciplined approach.”

So rather than investing all your time in researching the latest tapware and colour schemes, Cherie implored renovators to be strategic in their due diligence. Check out her tips for how you really pull off a profit-making renovation.

#6 things you must get right to cash in on Queensland’s reno boom

  • Property type
  • Suburb
  • Purchase price
  • Reno budget
  • Value-adding changes
  • Resale or rental price

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