Brighter Landlording

#6 Tips to make sure you get your bond back every time

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 14 March 2018

A tenant and landlord relationship is a beautiful thing when it works well. But we’ve all heard of instances where rented life wasn’t rosy for either party.

That’s when landlords can find themselves with unexpected property costs and tenants can put their rental bond in jeopardy.

So how do you avoid a rough patch in your rental relationship?

Tenants Queensland chief executive Penny Carr recently told disputes about fair wear and tear, repairs and cleaning were the most common reasons renters lost bond money at the end of a tenancy.

In our experience, avoiding such disputes is all about clear communication and making sure both landlord and tenant are on the same page. That’s where a good rental agent can help keep your tenant-landlord relationship in the honeymoon period for longer.

Check out these tips to make sure you get your bond back:

  1. Keep it all above board from the outset. Make sure you get a rental bond receipt and ensure your landlord or rental agent lodges your bond with the RTA within 10 days of receipt.
  2. Complete an Entry Condition Form and submit it with photographs of any existing wear and tear or other imperfections to ensure you’re not inadvertently held responsible when you move out.
  3. If a new house mate joins you make sure you put them on the lease and use a Change of Bond Contributors form so the RTA knows who is owed the bond at the end of your lease.
  4. Keep copies of all your rental forms and receipts.
  5. If you break something, contact your landlord or rental agent to arrange to have it repaired.
  6. Before moving out, clean the property to make sure you leave it in the same condition in which you found it.

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