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$7.75 million riverfront home almost tops Brissie auction record

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 21 March 2019

The sale this month of a prestigious riverfront home in New Farm for $7.75 million has equalled the record for Brisbane’s most expensive auction.

The other record-holding auction was in 2009 with the sale of a St Lucia riverfront estate.
In a city which doesn’t really like auctions – at least not compared to our southern capital cities – that’s not a bad result.
The winning bidder is Queenslander Kevin Seymour, reports Given he has made his own wealth from property, and has a family history of buying riverfront property, he must have been feeling quietly confident of snaring this one.
So what does a record-equalling $7.75 million buy you?
For starters, you get 873 square metres of absolute riverfront land.
You get 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 6 car parks.
Pool? Check.
CBD view? Yep.
Swanky polished stone entry foyer? Of course darling.
Well Mr Seymour, we hope you enjoy your new home.
And perhaps he’ll get to spend some time with the grandkiddies now. Just before Christmas in 2016, three of Seymour’s grandchildren paid $17.35 million for a 2,388 square metre riverfront block on Oxlade Drive. Admittedly that was for development so perhaps he won’t be able to wander up the road to borrow a cup of sugar.
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