Brighter Buying

#7 Expert tips to pick the next hot spot

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 8 October 2015

One of our favourite property gurus, Margaret Lomas, is set to speak at the Property Buyer Expo in Sydney later this month. That doesn’t help our Brisbane-based investors.

Thankfully Lomas has shared some expert hot-spotting tips with Your Investment Property Magazine ahead of the conference.

These pearls of wisdom might look like plain old common sense – but that’s why we like her.

Top factors to identify growth areas:

  • A population made up of mainly families and growing faster than the national average
  • Diverse industry
  • Low unemployment
  • Median household income growing faster than inflation
  • Continued development of significant infrastructure
  • A council fulfilling the lifestyle needs of local families
  • An absence of large scale housing developments or land for future developments.

When doing your research – and this is very important says Lomas – know when to quit.

“The main mistake made is that investors spend hours researching an area they should have given up on after the first few questions.  They then burn out before ever getting to a true future hotspot,” she told Your Investment Property Magazine.

Read the full article on Your Investment Property Magazine website.