Brighter Landlording

#7 Reversible makeovers for renters

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 10 September 2015

Your inner designer need not be restrained just because you’re renting. Unleash your creativity with these low-cost and damage-free tips from to spruce up your rental property.

With any of these tips make sure you safely store the original fittings and replace them before you move out. Be confident you know what you’re doing as tenants are liable for any damage they cause to a property. Oh and always run it past your Property Manager.

But get these updates right and you can keep your inner designer and your landlord happy.


Doors and doorknobs can be easily replaced to suit your tastes and you can re-attach the old ones before you move out.


Toilet seats are easy to switch so your thrown feels fit for your crown jewels.


Curtain and blinds can be swapped to give any room a totally new look.


Light fixtures can be under appreciated and can give your room the lift it needs.


Buy potted plants for your garden or interior so they can move with you.


Switch to energy saving light bulbs to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.


New taps and showerheads can revive the most dated kitchens and bathrooms.