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#8 Reasons the experts are investing in Brisbane

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 14 October 2021

Savvy investors have been sniffing around Brisbane for a while now, and our elevation to 2032 Olympic Games host city has only made our river city more attractive.

Property experts are increasingly featuring Brisbane in their commentary.

Two gurus, who let their money do the talking and bought in Brisbane, were featured on a recent Property Update podcast.

They see big things on the horizon for investors in Brisbane.

“The city was overdue for growth as it’s matured in recent years with billions of dollars in infrastructure projects in the pipeline that will be transformational for the city that has seen significant population growth,” Property Update reports.

Check out the top #8 reasons they say Brisbane is worth a look:

  1. Increased interstate and overseas migration
  2. Large infrastructure spending
  3. Better affordability
  4. Increasing job opportunities – no need to leave Brisbane anymore
  5. Lower stamp duty
  6. Higher rental yield
  7. Brisbane’s changing culture
  8. Brisbane is well-known for its outdoor lifestyle, especially the plethora of dining options along the Brisbane River.

On the downside, Brisbane is a smaller city than Melbourne and Sydney and that means fewer job opportunities, but the Olympics are expected to create 91,600 full-time equivalent jobs in Queensland. So there’s no reason for job seekers to leave Brisbane.

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