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#9 Sweet streets you’ll want to eat

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 18 April 2019

To get you in the mood ahead of the Easter long weekend we’ve scoured the country in search of sweet things. And we’ve discovered it’s dripping with sickly sweet chocolatey street names.

Enjoy this fine selection:

  1. Coco Street. The king of all plants which gives us chocolate. Also a street in both Glen Davis and Capertree New South Wales.
  2. Quality Street. The chocolate box from your childhood that is brimming with nostalgia and deliciousness. Also a street in the eastern outskirts of Melbourne.
  3. Vanilla Street. A decadent ingredient and a street in Bundoora, north of Melbourne.
  4. Berry Street. Nature’s healthy alternative to chocolate and a street in Essendon, Victoria.
  5. Brownie Street. Classic snack attack food. Also a street in Jamboree Heights, Queensland.
  6. Custard Street. Gooey goodness, and a street in Manor Lakes, Victoria.
  7. Strawberry Road. A natural delight and a street in Manly West, Queensland.
  8. Lamington Street. A quintessential Aussie dessert, and a street in New Farm, Queensland.
  9. Bunney Road. The bringer of Easter chocolate, and a street in Clarinda, south of Melbourne.

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