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A stylish spring selling season imminent

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 22 August 2019

Ooh daahlings! The spring selling season is almost here, which means one thing: property stylists are buzzing around like a hive of busy bees.

Property stylists across Brisbane are reporting a “huge jump” in enquiries as the Ekka winds blow away the remnants of winter.
“In the past two weeks, business has doubled,” Melinda Littman of Domayne Hire and Property Staging Qld told Domain.
“We’ve jumped from doing about eight jobs a week in June and July to up to 20 jobs a week for August. This coming week, for example, we’ve got 14 jobs in four days. And the following week, we’ve got even more.”
This means serious buyers will be as excited as Shayna Blaze in a cushion shop.
Well-priced, super stylish, good quality homes are about to hit the market.
Home Staging Brisbane’s Imogen Brown is also forecasting a solid selling season.
“I feel like someone’s just turned the tap on,” she says. “After umming and ahhing all year, they’ve finally decided ‘let’s go for it’.
“Based on my current bookings, my sense is that this spring will be just as busy as previous years. It’s not going to be crazy but it will be on par with what we’ve come to expect once spring arrives.”
So there you have it. Property predictions as forecast by the stylists.
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