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Aerial photos show northern Brisbane boom corridor

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 23 March 2017

Our Moreton Bay south region has grown at twice the rate of Brisbane over the past year, with the suburbs of North Lakes and Warner leading the growth spurt over the past decade.

The rapid growth has transformed the greater Brisbane landscape and Domain has published a series of Nearmap photos which give a bird’s eye view of this phenomenon.

The before and after shots show how dusty land, cleared for construction, have evolved into tree-lined streets and houses. You can probably spot the picket fences if you look hard enough.

Affordability, driven by the huge supply of new homes, has attracted young families to these emerging suburbs.

The Nearmap images also show how our inner suburbs are changing. Big backyards have pulled off a vanishing act across Chermside and Woolloongabba as large blocks have been subdivided or redeveloped for townhouses and apartments.

Further south, Coomera and Thornlands have been given the photographic treatment too telling a similar tale to our outer northern communities.

With further development planned for these suburbs, the photos will look very different again in another decade.

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Warner. Credit:

This is Warner 23rd Jan 2010

Warner. Credit:

The same area of Warner 24th Jan 2017

Chermside. Credit:

This is Chermside 12th Sep 2010

Chermside. Credit:

The same area of Chermside 24th Jan 2017

North Lakes. Credit:

This is North lakes 23rd Jan 2010

North Lakes. Credit:

The same area of North Lakes 24th Jan 2017