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Are tiny homes the answer to Australia’s housing woes?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 November 2022

An enterprising family in Warner has reportedly spent $150,000 building tiny homes to offer up rent-free in exchange for work on their acreage property.

We’re not sure the financials add up, but we take our hats off to their enterprising solution, reported recently in

The nation has been captivated with tiny homes in recent years and the charming promise of a simpler life, coupled with Instagram worthy cuteness.

But as rents have risen, the appeal of plonking down a tiny home in a relative’s backyard has probably grown more from necessity than whimsy.

For those who want to explore the dream a little further, check out, courtesy of, these seven tiny homes for sale in Australia right now.

For a DIY kit, prices start just shy of $10,000. For a ready built home with wheels, you’re looking at prices from $69,500. Customisable options could take your budget closer to $100,000.

Whatever way you look at it, that’s a price well below the median property value of any Australian capital city. And rightly so, given your home is the size of a generous tent.

But setting up a tiny home on any Brisbane property is not quite as simple as pitching a tent. You should first check council requirements, which could see your home treated as a granny flat – or needing to confirm to regular building codes if it’s built on a vacant lot.

And if you have a home on wheels then, yep, you’ll need to make it road worthy. Check with the state department of transport.

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