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Aussie ghost hunter reveals #7 signs your house is haunted

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 25 October 2022

Is your home feeling a little ghoulish as Halloween draws near? Could it be a ghost in the garage, a spirit in the sunroom, an apparition in the attic or a monster in the master ... oops, no, that’s just hubby.

If your spine-chilling intuition is telling you it’s time to call ghostbusters what should you do?

You might find that some psychics offer ‘house clearing’ services to rid your home of bad juju.

Demand for psychic services grew during the pandemic reports InStyle magazine. It’s a trend that’s also been linked to the millennial generation being more accepting than their predecessors of spiritual wellness practices like reiki and meditation.

So depending on which side you sit when it comes to the psychic phenomenon fence, read on … or not.

Here are some signs that a bump in the night might need psychic investigation, courtesy of our friendly neighbourhood house clearer.

  1. Unexplained noises
  2. A feeling of being watched
  3. Cold spots in a house or cold rooms
  4. Objects moving
  5. Lights turning off and on
  6. Pets behaving unusually
  7. Your house won’t sell

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