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Aussies pocketing an average $262,672 on profitable resales

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 24 February 2017

Aussies who recently sold a property for more than they paid for it pocketed an average $262,672 profit, according to the latest CoreLogic Pain & Gain report.

Happy days!

This report looks at residential property resales over the September 2016 quarter by comparing the most recent sale price to its previous sale price and calculating if the vendor made a profit or a loss.

While the winners were big grinners, the losers felt an average loss of $71,529 over the September 2016 quarter.


The results varied considerably across capital cities, but if you’ve been following the market you’ll see few surprises here. Take a look at the winners and losers across Australia:

  • Brisbane saw the number of loss-making unit resales reach more than double that of houses
  • Sydney recorded the highest value of profit-making resales of all regions in Australia over the quarter, earning an overall profit of $6.22 billion
  • Perth and Darwin saw the instances of loss making resales almost double
  • Melbourne has the lowest proportion of dwellings sold at a loss
  • Hobart and Adelaide saw a reduction in the proportion of loss-making properties

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