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Australia’s property nomads are getting more restless

by Justin Watt, CEO 17 November 2017

Young Aussies, aged 20 to 29 years, are an incredibly mobile bunch according to 2016 census data released last month.

A third of Aussies in this age bracket had moved house every 12 months, and two-thirds every five years, reports Brisbane Times.

While the 20-somethings were the most mobile, Aussies on the whole are quite a nomadic bunch. Census data also showed almost half the population (43.4 per cent) had moved house during the past five years up from 41.7 per cent in the five years before the 2011 census.

So where are we moving to?

Queensland has traditionally been the big winner in the interstate migration game and in the year before the census we fared pretty well, with 77,050 Australians moving here from other states. But we lost 66,480 locals to other states giving us a net gain of 10,570. Victoria on the other hand had a net gain of 14,380.

Not to be outdone, the Queensland Government launched the Move Up in the World campaign back in June this year to attract interstate migrants to our sunny shores.

And not surprisingly our affordable housing featured strongly in the campaign as one of our major boast points.

But we shouldn’t feel too disheartened that Victoria won the interstate migration race the year before last.

At least we still had a net gain. New South Wales clocked up a net loss of 10,830. Those sky-rocketing Sydney prices are more effective than Mortein if you want to get rid of cockroaches.

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